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Birds on the islets

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Recognized as one of the richest in the world, the Caledonian biodiversity has also endangered species that need protection.

Discover the Ile des Pins

03:10 Dream

Endless beaches and unspoiled nature; discover through this film the gem deposited on a turquoise immensity.


02:13 Activities

New Caledonia and its lagoon, the largest on the planet, make this destination one of the most beautiful dive sites in the world.

Le Parc*** Le Nouvata*** Le ...

06:56 Accommodations

Ideally located on Anse-Vata, Nouméa, this complex regroups 3 hotels and numerous facilities (hairdresser, relaxation centre, tourist ...

Steve Jacobs does the weather!

02:04 Testimonials

Steve Jacobs, "Mr Weatherman" from the Today show on Channel 9 on Australian TV came to take the country's temperature.


  • Discover

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    New Caledonia, conserves her historic and cultural heritage through museums found in the capital ...

  • The Loyalty Islands

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    Visit the Loyalty Islands

    There is so much to do and discover in the Iles Loyalty Islands that the only wishes will be - ...

  • Dream

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    Visit Ile des Pins

    In this film visit Ile des Pins enjoying magnificent excursions and ballades.

  • Watch

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    Discover the rich kaleidoscope of the New Caledonian flora.

  • Activities

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    An unforgettable experience: sail in the New Caledonian lagoon listed by UNESCO as a World ...

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    The colonial houses

    In New Caledonia, discover the beautiful colonial mansions, remnants of its past.